Bumble & Oak ADVENT Calendar

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Your Bumble & Oak ADVENT is here!!! 

3x origin coffees from The Brew Project  (60grams per package for 2 servings)
3x seasonally blended teas
2x hot chocolates from NearyNógs Chocolate Makers  (60grams per package for 2 servings)
16x envelopes of chocolates from Bumble & Oak
1x seasonal ornament
includes envelopes, twine, cambridge imprint paper, and little brown packages all tied up with string, just a few of your favourite things...
*Nature walk (for your own stick or twig) NOT INCLUDED  but highly recommended   ;)
**Assembly also not included unless there is a brunch invitation. 
***Boxes sent out mid November
COST; £39.99 via Click-It-Local and   *link directly to my site coming shortly.